The Inspiring Beauty of a Purple Wedding Theme

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The Inspiring Beauty of a Purple Wedding Theme

Posted on January 17 2018

If you're considering a wedding theme with purple as the centrepiece, you have chosen well. Purple brings images of royalty, grandeur, mystery, and romance. It instills a sense of timeless love and rich beauty, making it a truly ideal color for your special day. 

Incorporating Shades

One of the intriguing aspects of this color is the various hues that it blends so well with and that inspire both classic and contemporary accents. Think grays, soft green, light yellow and gold. A splash of white, silver and lavender can bring out the soft romantic side of this dazzling color.

Putting the Theme Together

Your bridesmaids will look awe-inspiring in purple dresses. Consider a wraparound silk belt in your accent color. A dark purple tie will bring the groomsmen into the color scheme. Of course, you will be the star with a touch of deep purple worn as a petticoat or a satin ribbon around your waist that cascades behind you.

There is a multitude of flowers to choose from. The calla lily is a traditional, classic choice for your bouquet. If you're looking for a softer floral centerpiece, lilacs and orchids are good alternatives and come in various shades of purple.

For a regal look, think of purple table clothes with napkins as the accent splash. For a softer approach, your accent color can become the tablecloth with dark purple runners to tie in the theme color. 

The Engagement Ring

This is the symbol of your love and commitment. Take your time in choosing one imbued with meaning as well as beauty. If you're thinking of making a purple gem your center stone, consider these attributes: amethyst represents happiness and peace while purple sapphire stands for loyalty. Patterns and settings can incorporate personal symbolism such as a three-stone engagement ring that signifies your past, present and future life together. Engraving the ring can add a personal, intimate touch. 

We offer custom engagement rings with all different types of stones and in unique and traditional settings. Let us help you uncover the perfect symbol for your one-and-only lifetime love.


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